Welcome to The Percentage Calculator.co.uk!

We created this website as a free online tool to help everyone calculate percentages simply and easily!

Sometimes percentages can be confusing to calculate, especially when trying to calculate what percentage something has increased or decreased by. That is why this site contains four different percentage calculators covering the most common percentage calculations:

1) What is X Percentage of Y?

Example 1: What is 50% of 100? Answer = 50

2) X is what % of Y?

Example 2: 50 is what % of 100? Answer = 50%

3) What is the % increase/decrease from X to Y?

Example 3: What is % increase/decrease from 50 to 100? Answer = 100%.

4) Increase/decrease X by Y%? (use a –% for decrease).

Example 4: Increase/decrease 50 by 100%. Answer = 100.

We always found it frustrating that many other online percentage calculator sites only allow one calculation at a time and we were constantly having to note down the answers on a piece of paper or in another document. That is why this site allows you to save up to 10 previously calculations. Each calculation is stored in a list so you can see what you entered and what the result was for your previous 10 calculations! After the 10th calculation is entered the 11th entry will appear at the top of the list.